• Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir
  • Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir
  • Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir
  • Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir
  • Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir
  • Service Pompa Pengendali Banjir

Services Description Pump service

Flood Control Pump Assembly Services

Garuda Diesel as sole agent and main dealer of Kubota in indonesia besides selling diesel engine of kubota, selling spare part kubota also equipped by Product Support Division which provide some services, such as:

- Engineering consulting services

* Consultation of the selection of diesel engine quotas that suit the needs / according to your work machine

* Consultation machine damage / Trouble shooting

* Spare part consultation

* Consultation machine maintenance

* Consultation of coupling of diesel engine with work machine

- Service of assembly of coupled cubic diesel engine with flood control pump, water pump and other work machine

- Maintenance service for generators, flood control pumps, agricultural tractors (Hand tractor & 4 wheel tractor), Loader, etc.

- Small service (Preventive maintenance)

- Major Service (Major Service)

- Top Overhoule Engine Service

- Engine General Overhoule service

Service service from product division support this diesel garuda, there are several service options, including:

- On call service (on call)

- Periodic service without a service contract

- Periodic service with service contract

* Service Contract per year with monthly visit

* Service Contract per year with a visit every 3 months

Contract service per year of course will be cheaper than service without service contract, will also make it easier for your company in calculating budget for maintenance cost of your machine work in a year and work machine will be maintained in condition always excellent and continuously monitored condition so that avoid / reduce risk fatal damage to your work machine that could result in a break down work machine.

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