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21 Jun 2023
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V Belt

V-Belt / Fan Belt / Kubota Fan Rope

Function and role V-Belt / Fan fan / Fan Belt is vital in a working process machine, be it automotive engines, industrial machines and other machines. V-Belt serves to connect one axis with another axle with an intermediate pulley. V-belt size varies depending on the distance between the axis, the magnitude of the pulley and the number of shafts connected.

In diesel engine and diesel engine and main shaft gasoline engine / crutch shaft is crankshaft or Crank shaft or Krek as and V belt serves to connect or forward the rotation of crankshaft / Crank sfat / Krek As to Altenator / amperator amper to cooling fan for cooling radiators, and other enhancements.

Treatment of V belt must be routine and continuous, the tension / firmness check of v belt must be routine and adjusted to the standard tuning v belt, usually the firmness of V belt about 10kg / cm. Check the V belt routine for firmness, if less tight it will cause V belt so the noise caused slip between pully with V belt / fan strap and removal from from the main shaft / drive shaft to the shaft driven / less work tool maximum, if suit V belt is too tight it can lead to V belt / fan strap easily broken and a depressed shaft that will result in oil seal leakage seal can even cause the shaft is broken.

The V-Belt should be checked every 200h or once a month, check the firmness setting, check for cracks or not, and check the objects attached to the V-belt, avoid using oil on the V-belt because it will result in slip. Regular checks will avoid damage to other machine parts caused by V-belts. If the V-belt breaks it will cause the following damage:

1. The fan does not rotate, resulting in excess engine temperature / Engine over heat

2. Altenator / Dinamo amper does not rotate, consequently no charging current to the battery / battery

3. Other devices are not working / spinning

In the diesel engine the cubota V belt only connects the crank shaft / crank shaft to the cooling fan and the altenator / amperator dynamo, but on the automobile engine usually connects and forwards the rotation of the crankshaft to the fan, altenator, AC, hybrid power steering and other enhancements .

V - Belt for the recommended diesel engine cubic is V-belt genuine part of kubota that is appropriate size, strength and endurance is in accordance with the specifications of the machine kubota.

Garuda diesel as the main distributor for spare part kubota, supply and supply sapre part original kubota to spare part stores in wholesale and retail to customer directly.

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