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Injection pumps have a very important role in the diesel fuel system. In the diesel fuel injection pump system or among technicians better known by the name Bosh pom, has a very important function can be likened to like the heart of a diesel engine. Fuel Injection Pump function works to supply fuel to high pressure nozzle (max 300 kg / cm2), determines spraying timing and amount of fuel sprayed by nozzle in combustion chamber. The fuel injected with high pressure will form a fog with very fine fuel particles that easily mix with air.
Fuel pumps commonly used in high-speed diesel engines for automobile and construction machines are the type of jerk pump system. Jerk means moving upward. This is because the pump uses a plunger that moves upward when pumping fuel into the engine combustion through the delivery valve holder to the divery pipe is forwarded to the nozzle in the order of the engine combustion.
Central type fuel injection pumps are classified into four types, namely: in-line type, distributor, V, and parallel. The in-line type is used in large and medium-class diesel engines, where the plunger is arranged in line with the number of cylinders. Type ditributor is sometimes used on small-sized diesel engines, where in this type, the fuel is supplied by a plunger that serves all the cylinders. In type V, the plunger is arranged in V shape. In parallel type, two in-line pumps are arranged in parallel.
Separate fuel injection pumps are classified into two types, namely: single type and injector unit type. In a single type, the camshaft is used to pump fuel. While in the type of injector unit, between injection pump and injection nozzle was made one.
In-line injection pump is one of the most widely used fuel injection pump types in high-speed diesel engines. Most fuel injection pump models are manufactured in Japan, where the basic design comes from Robert Bosch Co. (German). The fuel pump is manufactured by ZEXEL and Nippondenso Co. In Indonesia the first injection pump in and widely used is the Bosh brand so the injection pump is better known as Bosh pom.

The workings of the fuel injection pump can be briefly described as follows. The fuel that has been sent by the feed pump is injected into the combustion chamber by the injection pump and the nozzle by being pressed by the moving plunger upward. The up and down movement of the plunger is governed by camshaft (FIP cam). The camshaft contained in the fuel injection pump is connected to the timing gear, so the fuel spraying can be timed. The control rack connected to the governor serves to rotate the plunger to adjust the amount of fuel injected.
Here is the model code for in-line injection pump type (Bosch type)

kode bosch pump

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