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Function and Compenent - Compenent of Motor Starter Kubota

No wonder you hear about starter motor or in general circle is often called dynamo starter, surely you already know the function of starter motor that is to convert electric energy from battery (aki) into motion energy (mechanical) turn to be used to rotate fly wheel / flywheel the first time, it takes the machine to live or to cycle its work. Starter system there are several types, namely: kick starter, crank, recoil and now already use electric starter. Motor Starter is an electric starter system that uses electric motors, in general, the motor part of the starter is divided into 2 parts, namely the starter motor that produces the rotary force and the motor starter as a power transfer mechanism.

The following is a component component of the starter motor:

1. Solenoid / Magnet Switch (Magnetic Switch)

Magnetic switches (also known as solenoid) are used to connect and release the pinion gear to / from the flywheel ring gear, while simultaneously flowing large electric currents on the starter motor circuit through the main terminal (terminal 30 and C). Inside the magnet switch there are two coils, namely:
a. Pull In Coil is a coil which when the flowing current generates a magnetic field that serves to pull the plunyer so that the pinion gear is pushed and associated with fly wheel / flywheel.

b. Hold In Coil is a coil which when the flowing current generates a magnetic field that serves to hold the plunyer so as to maintain the gear pinion with a fly wheel remain connected.

2. Armature (Rotor) and Shaft (Axis)

Armature consists of a cylindrical iron bar and given slots, shafts, commutators and armature coils. Armatur serves to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (motion), in the form of rotary motion. Armatures are sometimes also called haunted.

3. Yoke and Pole Core

Yoke is made of cylindrical metal and serves as a place for pole cores tied with screws. The pole core acts as a support for the field coil and amplifies the magnetic field generated by the field coil.

4. Field Coil (Field Coil)

Field coils or commonly referred to as field coils are made of copper plates, with the intention of allowing the flow of electric current is strong enough / large. This coil field serves to generate a magnetic field on the starter motor.


5. Brush (Brush) and Brush Holder (Brush Holder)

Brush or brush made of soft copper, and serves to forward or distribute electric current from the coil field to the armature coil directly to the mass through the commutator. Generally the sarter has four brushes, which are grouped into two:

a. Two brushes are called positive brushes used to connect currents from the coil field to armatures and brushes.

b. Two other brushes are called negative brushes used to connect the current from the armature to the mass.

6. Armature Brake

Armature brake serves as a safety that brakes the armature arm after being separated from the dock by the ring gear on flywheel.

7. Drive Lever / Shift Fork (Drive Lever)

The drive lever continues the movement of the solenoid plunyer to drive the pinion gear. The drive lever works to push / connect the pinion gear to the position associated with the ring gear on the fly wheel, as well as unbale the pinion gear with the ring gear on the fly wheel.

8. Clutch Starter / Starter Clutch (Overrunning Clutch)

The starter clutch serves to pass the armature shaft turning moment to the fly wheel through the pinion gear, so the fly wheel can spin. Starter clutch also serves as a safety from armature coil (prevent starter damage) when high engine rotation tends to reverse the pinion gear. The starter clutch will release itself when the fly wheel rotation is greater than the rotation of the gear pinion.

9. Pinion Teeth and Helical Spline

The pinion gear and the ring gear continue the starter's power to the engine through the Fly wheel. the helical spline changes the motor's rotating power to the pinion lever and causes pinion gear and discharge with a softer ring gear.

10. Reduction Gear (* Type Reduction)

Reduction gear functions to continue the motor turning power to the pinion gear and increase torque / torque by reducing motor rotation. The resulting power is 1/3 to 1/4. Reduction gear is usually equipped with built-in overrunning clutch (clutch starter that becomes unit unity). Reduction gear consists of three gears, namely drive gear, idle gear, and clutch gear.

11. Planetari Gear (* Planetari Type)

The planetary gear unit of the planetary starter motor serves as the incinerator, which forwards the rotation power from the armature to the ring gear to rotate the engine crank. Planetari gear also serves to reduce the rotation of the starter to improve torque / torque moment.


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