Metal Crank shaft (Metal Jalan)

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Metal Road / Metal Crank Shaft and Metal Seat / Metal Crank Pin


Machine parts that are inside the engine one of them metal road and metal sit.

Metal is a type of bearing that has special specifications for high speed and high pressure. These bearings are known as Bearing Journals that work with fluid layers that separate the As or axis with this Bearing. Fluid or engine oil supplied through holes contained in the bearing and then fill the gap between Metal and Crek As / Crank Shaft axle / Crank Shaft, usually pressurized so that at the turn does not occur at all touch between As and Metal Surfaces (Journal Bearing).

The size of the metal / bearing is determined according to the specifications of each engine manufacturer such as diesel engine kubota. Metal is a bearing that is very resistant to pressure and high rotation, using special materials so it is not easily damaged at high pressure and high rotation but very soft so easily scratched by dram / dirt on engine oil that coats metal.

According to the shape and position, the metal on the machine there are 3 kinds, namely:

1. Metal Road / Metal Crank Pin / Metal rod piston

2. Metal Sit / Metal Crank Shaft / Metal Crack As

3. Metal Moon / Metal Side

Metal Road / Metal Crank pin mounted on the piston rod / stem seher / Connecting Rod, which acts as a bearings between the crankshaft / crankshaft with the shaft of the seher / connecting rod.

Metal Seat / Metal Crank Shaft mounted on crank shaft / krek as cradle with crank case / cinder block.
Metal Moon / metal side shaped smaller like a crescent moon so often called the metal of the moon mounted on the crankshaft / crank shaft and cradle binder holder
The gap between this metal / bearing with crankshaft / crack as this is oiled film, this gap must be in accordance with the standards specified by the engine manufacturers such as diesel engine kubota. When selecting and prior to metal installation on the crankshaft and crankshaft between metal with crankshaft / krek as it should be suitable for oil / oil film coating, if not suitable then replace the appropriate size metal. In case of damage to the crankshaft / krek as can be in the Under size in the lathe workshop with the size of 0.25mm up to 0.50mm. Measurement of oil / oil film layer between metal and crankshaft by using Plastic gauge.
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