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Coconut Processing Machine with Kubota Engine

Indonesia's potential in coconut husk is very big, even the largest in the world. Similarly, the market opportunities of coir products very much. So it is very appropriate to use Coconut Coir Machine to process coconut husk that just abandoned. Especially to serve export needs. And unfortunately optimization of our coconut products are still less than 10%.

Coco fiber or cocofiber or coco fiber is a product produced from the separation of coco fiber and its binder or cocopeat. Coco fiber is the basic ingredients of the next derivative industry. Derivative products include coconut coir rope, household handicraft materials such as kesed, broom and others.

Then for coconut husk material for reclamation material of mine, mattress material, or stuffing of sandwich of springbed, material of luxury vehicle seat, planting medium etc.

The number of coco fiber derivative products is an advantage for us. And to start it is by way of mengurainya using a package of Coconut Coir Machine.

1. Coconut Coating Machine

Coconut coir machine such as coconut coating machine, coco fiber filter machine and coconut press machine.

Coconut Coating Machine is the task to decompose coconut fiber into long-length fiber from the binder that is cocopeat.

coco fiber will come out through the output hole and cocopeat out from the bottom of the machine hole. Cocopeat is a by-product of cocofiber products, as well as the main products for cocopeat products as planting medium, especially ornamental plants.

2. Coconut Coir Filter Machine

Coconut Coir Filter Machine is a function to filter the results of the description of coconut coir to separate completely from cocopeat. Actually, to clean the cocopeat can be with fan-only, of course it takes a long time if in large enough and continuous amount.

Coconut processing machine engine is driven or get power from long-cultivated diesel engine kubota aakan ketangguhannya and quality. The widely used cultivation machines in this agricultural processing equipment are single cylinder / single cylinder or horizontal engine (HDE) engines like the following diesel engines:

1. RD 65 DIH 1S

2. RD 85 DIH 1S

3. RD 110 DIH 2

4. RD 65 IN 1S

5. RD 65 IN 2S

6. RD 85 IN 1S

7. RD 85 IN 2S

8. RD 110 IN 2T

9. RD 150 IN 2N

10. RD 150 IN NB

Bio diesel engine is an environmentally friendly diesel engine, with new design, stronger power and more fuel efficient.

Garuda diesel cotton machine agent and spare part kubota in indonesia provide and sell single cylinder engine or Horizontal type or Vertical Engine Diesel Engine (VDE). Garuda diesel your real business partner who will give you the best price.

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