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Inlet Valve And Kubota Valve Outlet

Knowledge of the functions of valve and its types need to be understood because in an industry, this tool is certainly familiar to us, the simple example is the water valve that we almost use every day. However, not only valves for water pipes, there are still many types of valves used in certain areas.

Valve or valve is a device attached to the drain system, which serves to regulate, control and direct the flow rate of fluid or gas by opening, closing or closing a portion of the fluid or gas stream. Valve / valve has an important role in an industry such as oil and gas industry which includes drain into the distillation column and control combustion chamber.

Valve function

There are various types of valves used in oil refineries as well as in other factories. Each type of valve has its own function and working principle, as follows:

To close and open the flow on condition, when open has minimum flow resistance and pressure loss. For example: gate valve, ball, plug and butterfly valve.

For the purpose of regulating flow, by holding the flow with a change of direction or using an obstacle, it can also be a combination of both.

To prevent backflow, usually use check valve (lift check and swing check). This valve will remain open and close if there is a flow in opposite direction.

For the purpose of regulating pressure, some valve applications in the field, line pressure must be reduced to achieve the desired pressure. Usually use pressure-reducing valve or regulator.

For pressure relief (pressure release) using relief valve and safety valve. Relief valve is used to overcome when excessive pressure can interfere with the drainage process or even the failure of the drainage process. While the safety valve uses per (spring loaded), this valve will open if the pressure exceeds a predetermined limit.

Inlet valve on diesel engine for as gate valve / inlet valve for air to be compressed in combustion chamber, in contrast to gasoline engine this inlet valve serves as a gate valve / valve entry for fuel mixture (gasoline) with the air to be compressed in the combustion chamber. Valve outlet or out valve (out valve) serves as a gate velve / exit valve from the remaining combustion gases which will be forwarded to the mupler and exhaust.

Valve inlet and outlet of kubota diesel engine in accordance with engine compression and air temperature in combustion chamber or in exhaust manifold, then use valve / valve original kubota. Garuda diesel distributor spare part kubota in indonesia provides all the needs of spare part kubota

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