Oil palm tractors with kubota OC95

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Transporter with Kubota Machine OC95

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producing countries in the world. The area of ​​palm oil in Indonesia in 2014 is 10.9 million hectares with crude palm oil production reaching 29.3 million tons.

From year to year, the area of ​​crops, and the productivity of oil palm plantations continues to increase. In the last 10 years the average growth rate reached 7.67 percent. Predicted, the need for vegetable oil will continue to rise. This is a golden opportunity for Indonesia to meet the world's demand.

Of course, high-quality palm needed to meet the needs of the world. In palm oil cultivation, the harvesting process is important because it determines the rendeman and the quality of palm oil. In the field, however, there are at least some issues: poor condition of palm oil plantation infrastructure and unavailability of transportation of palm fruit. Carrying fruit palm is still done manually, ie the workers use rickshaw or pikulan.

Tractor 4 wheel or trasnporter is one type of other trucks commonly used to transport oil palm bunches. In some areas there are those who call it wintor, there are also called tractors or other trucks. This tractor is equipped with an optional automatic dumping bin feature (hydraulically tipped rear axle), specially designed to transport empty fruit bunches in oil palm plantations. This tractor is equipped with two tubs placed side by side on the back. Each tub has a carrying capacity of up to 150 kg and the charge can be rolled down to the left and right sides.

This transporter uses the OC95 engine with a maximum power of 9.5HP at RPM 3600

The following Kubota OC95 engine specifications:

Name: OC 95 D1 E2
Type: Vertical, oil and air cooling, 4 steps
Category: Diesel Engine
Diameter x Step: 83 x 77 mm
Cylinders Summary: 1
Continuous Power: 8.5 / 3600 HP / rpm
Cylinder Contents: 416 CC
Maximum Torque: 2.3 / 2100 Kg.m / rpm
Maximum power: 9.5 / 3600 HP / rpm
Combustion System: TVCS
Fuel Type: Solar with Good Quality
Starter: Electric Starter
Round direction: Clockwise (seen from the front of the flywheel)
Lubricating System: Lubrication Suppressed With Trochoid Pump
Fill Lubricant: 1.7 Lt
Cooling System: Oil and Air
Type of Lubricating Oil: SAE 30
Weight: 55 Kg
Fuel Tank Contents: 5.5 Lt
Charging Alternator: 12: 48/150 V: W / W (With IC Regulator)

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