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21 Jun 2023
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Specification of Fuel Filter Kubota

Kubota Solar Filter / Fuel Filter Kubota

Function filter solar (fuel)

Filter diesel (diesel fuel) is very important role on the machine. The solar filter or fuel (fuel filter) is one part of the fuel system components. Fuel filters are placed between fuel tanks and fuel pumps. The function of the fuel filter is to filter the water and impurities contained or carried in the fuel. Elements in the fuel filter will reduce the flow rate of the fuel and will cause water and dirt particles that have a greater specific gravity than the fuel will drop to the bottom of the fuel filter. If the dirt particles carried by the fuel have a lighter density compared to the fuel density then the particles of these impurities will be filtered by the fuel filter elements.

Examination and change of the filter solar (fuel) should be routinely done because if the fuel filter is dirty or clogged it will result in damage to the machine, including:

If the fuel filter is clogged, the resistance inside the fuel stream in the channel will increase. If this happens, it will reduce the amount of fuel delivered to the injection pump / Injection pump / Boss pom so that when the engine spins at high speed or at heavy loads, where the engine requires large quantities of fuel shipment, of engines decreased due to lack of fuel supply.

If the fuel filter is clogged, then the resistance of the fuel filter element will also increase so that the fuel will not flow properly. As a result, the fuel surface in the fuel filter will rise. The fuel surface height can be seen from the outside of the fuel filter.

The current fuel filter is generally made in order that it can not be disassembled so that if the fuel filter is damaged then it must be replaced with a new one

If the solar filter until clogged it can cause the machine can not be turned on

Substitution of the solar filter should be done regularly to keep the engine performance well and avoid / keep damage to the injection pump / injection pump / bosh pom and damage to the injection Nozzle

Garuda diesel as a distributor of spare part kubota in indonesia provides and sells spare part original kubota / Kubota genuine part one of them adal fuel filter / saringan diesel. Garuda diesel as the sole agent of spare part kubota guaranteed spare part availability and cotton sparepart excellence.

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