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02 May 2023
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Specification of Mini Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader With Kubota Machine

Wheel loader is a tool similar to a dozer shovel, but a rubber wheel (tire) so that both the ability and utility are slightly different that is in the ability to operate in hard and flat areas, dry not slippery because the traction of the wet area will be low, but not able to take the soil itself without the help of dozing / stock pilling first with bulldozer.

Wheel Loader is a tool used to lift material to be loaded into a dump truck or move material to another place. As the loader digs, the bucket is pushed on the material, if the bucket is full then the tractor backs and the bucket is lifted up for further removal.

Basically wheel loader has several uses, including:

Cleaning of field or work location.

Land eviction at close range.

Flatten the landfill and replenish the digs of the soil.

Prepare materials from the place where the material is taken.

Peeling off the ugly parts of the soil

Flatten the surface or smooth the surface of the flat field called finishing.

The main components of the wheel loader are:


Cab is part of the wheel loader from which the operator runs the engine. It usually has a door, sitting, and loader control. It usually looks like a glass cubicle is installed in the center of the loader and may not be closed.

Lift Arm

Lift Arm mounted in front of the loader, in front of the taxi. This is useful for lifting the front and bottom buckets. It works in conjunction with a bucket cylinder, a hydraulic device that motivates the arm.


Bucket is the most real part of a wheel loader. Shaped large shovel. Often, one machine has several types of buckets that can be attached as they are needed. For example, some wheel loaders come with a general purpose bucket, one bucket for carrying a rock, one for for carrying coal and another for easier handling of loading materials such as dirt.

For bucket operation is used "hydraulic controlled", while control cable (cabel controlled) is rarely used in excavator-loader. The use of a loader is usually to load material and carry, as well as unpack. If the area around the material is flat, then the loader can move freely in a pleasant position.


Engine / Engine as a driving force for wheels and buckets. Machines used in wheel loaders mostly use diesel engines as a power source / power. The most widely used cubota diesel engine in mini loaders is the cubota engine. Some types and models of cotton engines commonly used in mini wheel loaders are, as follows:

- Kubota D905

- Kubota D1105

- Kubota V2003

- Kubota V2203

- Kubota V3300

- Kubota V3300-T

- Kubota V3800

Wheel Loader Construction

Wheel loader always installed bucket container mounted on the front. Buckets are used for digging, loading granular ground or material, lifting and lifting to be dumped at an altitude on the dump truck and so on. Loader is very rigid, to move the bucket can be used cable or hydraulic. The power dug in a horizontal state (the bucket is not removed) is obtained from its prime-mover movement, so practically both cabel and hydraulic controls only have the function to move the bucket up and down.

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