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Specification of Mesin diesel Kubota RD 85DI-2S

Kubota Diesel Engine RD85DI-2S

Kubota diesel engine has been trusted toughness more than 80 years. In agriculture / agriculture industry and agriculture tools diesel engine diesel and the most trusted by farmers and entrepreneurs of the agricultural industry. Among farmers in Indonesia diesel engines are known are kubota.

For people in Indonesia have long known and use this type of RD diesel engine. This engine is a diesel engine with single cylinder or 1 sidewall or Horizontal Diesel Engine (HDE). Many people do not know what RD is, the diagonality of diesel engine with RD is Diesel Giant because Kubota is Giant Diesel engine in Indonesia especially in agriculture field.

The use of diesel engine RD85DI is a lot, including:

- Hand tractor / Hand Tractor

- APPO (Organic Fertilizer Processing Equipment)

- Baby roller / small setum

- Thresher Rice / power threaser

- Food processors

- Coffee breaker

- Water pump

- Other processing tools

The RD85DI-2S diesel engine has several advantages, including:

- Stronger power with greater volume of combustion chamber / cylinder

- More fuel-efficient with 5 hole pengkabutan so that burning becomes more perfect

- Lighter lights with new design power range increased by 10%

- More subtle voice

- Cleaner flue gas and environmentally friendly

Specification of RD85DI-2S cubicle engine

Diameter x Step                          : 88 x 84 mm x mm
Cylinders Summary                     : 1
Continuous Power                       : 7.5 / 2200 HP / rpm
Cylinder Contents                        : 510 CC
Maximum Torque                         : 3.40 / 1600 Kg.m / rpm
Maximum power                           : 8.5 / 2200 HP / rpm
Balancer                                       : Two axial balancers
Combustion System                     : Direct Combustion
Fuel Type                                     : Solar with Good Quality
Starter                                          : Engkol Starter
Round direction                            : Contrary to the clock rotation seen from Flywheel
Lubricating System                      : Oil is circulated with a Trochoid pump
Cooling Contents                         : 1.6 Lt
Fuel consumption                        : 170 gr / HP.Jam
Fill Lubricant                                : 2.4 Lt
Cooling System                           : Radiator
Type of Lubricating Oil                : SAE 30, SAE 40, 20W50, D10W30
Weight                                         : 89 Kg
Fuel Tank Contents                     : 9.5 Lt
Lights                                           : 12: 32/32 (With Regulator IC) V: W / W V: W / W
Garuda diesel main dealer kubota indonesia sell cotton machine all good type single cylinder like RD engine, multi cylinder diesel engine such as super mini series, super 05 series, super 03 series, V3300 series and BG series besides selling kubota engine and its application diesel garuda supported by product support division that provides spare part original kubota and service.

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