Mesin Bor Tanah kubota di Pertambangan

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Mesin Bor Tanah

Specification of Mesin Bor Tanah kubota di Pertambangan

Drilling Machine with Kubota Machine

Land Drilling Machine is used to make the cavity in the soil layer to a certain depth. Types and purposes of use vary, ranging from large-scale industry, medium, to personal needs related to environmental management. Each type of soil drill is categorized based on the intended use intended to get the most out of the hole making in the soil.

In the Mining Industry the soil drilling machine is often called the drilling machine, while the process is called the Grundi process: The process of the gurdi is intended as a round hole making process using the drill bit (twist drill). While the drill process (boring) is the process of expanding / enlarging the hole.

In the mining industry, this soil pengeoboran use drilling machine with a lot of diesel engine using diesel engine kubota. The propulsion engine for moving the drilling machine is a diesel-powered diesel engine with a V3505 diesel engine with engine output of 21.7kW (29.1HP) at 3000 rpm and diesel engine V2203 with engine output of 29.8kW (40HP) at 2800 rpm.

In the mining industry, cubic diesel engine has proven its toughness and applies to machines used in mining industry, besides used in drilling machine, diesel engine is also widely used in other machines such as tower lamp / light tower, air compressor , Water pumps and other mining machinery.

Garuda diesel as the main dealer of kubota in indonesia sells cubic machines for industrial machinery, such as supply of diesel engine of kubota to drilling machine companies, drilling contractors, drilling machine drilling companies, and supplai to other companies.

Garuda diesel in addition to selling machineries also equipped with technical consulting services for engine selection, after-sales service with reliable and experienced technicians and supported division sparepart that ensures the availability of part kubota and its application.

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