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Specification of Kubota D1005

Kubota D1005 Diesel Engine

Kubota engine D1005 is a vertical diesel engine (VDE) with 3 cylinders of one type of machine that is produced in Kubota that is categorized in the series 05. D1005 diesel engine diesel is widely used for machine tools that require 17.5kW (23.5HP) of propulsion at rpm3000 / 20.4kW (27.3HP) at 3600 rpm.

D1005 cube engine application there are 2 (two) usage categories are industrial machines and basic generator engines. What distinguishes it is in Housing ply wheel, Ply wheel and Injection pump. For Basic Generator the machine is set at rpm 3000 / rpm 3800. almost all manufacturer of generator / generator set using this machine D1005 for generator set / generator genset company of production, because this machine have proven its reliability, compact (with small size but maximum power), fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. So that machine D1005 cubota widely used in genset, tower light and others

The use of the D1005 cubic engine for industrial machines is widely used in pumping machines, air compressors, and other industrial machines that require a maximum power of about 20.4 kW at 3600 rpm

Specifications of diesel engines

No. of Cylinders: 3

Bore x Strokemm (in): 76.0 x 73.6 (2.99 x 2.90)

DisplacementL (cu.in.): 1.001 (61.08)

Combustion System: E-TVCS

Intake System: Natural aspirated

Cooling System: Radiator cooling

Starter Capacity: V-A12-1.0

Alternator Capacity: V-A12-30

No Load High Idling Speed: rpm 3800No Load Low Idling Speed: 800 rpmGross Intermitent kW (HP) / rpm: 17.5 (23.5) / 3000 / 20.4 (27.3) / 3600

Net Intermitent kW (HP) / rpm: 16.8 (22.5) / 3000 / 19.4 (26.0)

Direction of Rotation: Counterclockwise (viewed from flywheel side)

Governing: Centrifugal flyweight mecahnical type governor

Fuel: Diesel fuel No. 2-D / Solar


Gross Intermitent   kW (HP)/rpm              :17.5 (23.5)/3000   / 20.4 (27.3)/3600

Net Intermitent       kW (HP)/rpm              : 16.8 (22.5)/3000  / 19.4 (26.0)/3600

Net Continuous      kW (HP)/rpm              : 14.5 (19.5)/3000  / 16.8 (22.5)/3600

Garuda Diesel is the main distributor of diesel engine in Indonesia. As a distributor of Garuda Diesel engine supply and sell cotton machine with the best price, one of them D1005 engine. In addition to selling the engine, the diesel garuda also provides engineering consulting services, assembly of machine work / machine tool with the driving force of the engine kubota, also provide service maintenance service periodically on your machine so that your machine is always in top condition and repair service if your machine damaged / there is a problem with your machine.

For information on kubota machine, service and spare part service can contact Garuda diesel at 021 3192 2919 ext 123 or can call directly tlp / WA with Hasim 0813 1832 4644.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Garuda Diesel Your True Business Partner

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