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Screw Air Compressor With Kubota Machine

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Specification of Screw Air Compressor With Kubota Machine


The working principle of Screw Air Compressor is as follows:

1. Screw air compressor uses 2 screw spinning in screw room called Air End. These two screw spins are driven by a motor. This rotation of 2 screw rotors will produce suction on the Intake Valve and produce pressurized air through the output or discharge hole.

2. The pressurized air was flowed into the Separator Tank. Its function is to separate the pressurized air with oil, screw air compressor is a compressed oil-flooded type. When examined inside the separator tank there is a foam separator, a type of foam, whose function captures the oil particles when the oil and air mixture passes through the separator. The oil will jatuk to the bottom of the tank, while the air will pass through the separator and into the next stage. The pressurized air coming out of this tank is in the range of 80-90 degrees Celsius, so it needs more cooling before it is released by Air discharge.

3. Before entering the air coller or air conditioner, the compressed air is flowed again to an air filter that has a higher precision again to get air freed from the oil particles.

4. From this air filter then this compressed air into the water cooler / air conditioner to decrease air temperature and ready for use.

5. But before entering the main / external engine system, the air first flowed again to the air filter is very precise, so that really clean air from the oil to be poured into the machine work machine.

Screw air compressor using cubota diesel engine as its driving machine, for diesel engine di used, that is:

1. Kubota D722 engine type that produces continuous power of 12.2 kW (16.3HP) at RPM 3600

2. Kubota type D905 engine that produces continuous power of 15.2kW (20.4HP) at RPM 3600

3. Kubota V1505 engine type that produces continuous power of 21.7 (29.1HP) at RPM 3000

4. Machine type cubic V1505-T which produces continuous power of 27.2 (36.4HP) at RPM 3000

Garuda diesel as the main distributor of diesel engine of kubota in indonesia provides and sells all types of diesel engine cubota either single cylinder / single cylinder diesel engine or better known as RD engine, multi cylinder diesel engine ranging from 12.5 HP to 82.2 HP

Garuda Diesel is also a supplier to OEM manufacturers of wind compressors, OEM companies for Drilling machines and companies in other industries.

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