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Genset Open

Genset Open / Genset Semi Open Kubota

Kubota, a company that really understands your generator needs. Kubota introduced a new type of semi-open type that is packed with advantages that are more special than other open models in its class.

The compact J-Series design is "easy to use anywhere," enabling operation in limited places. The combined capacity of the larger Kubota fuel tank and excellent fuel efficiency ensures the electrical energy generated for longer runs. By using a cleaner emissions diesel engine, it makes Kubota reliable.

If you need something compact, easy to use and operate, economical and reliable, can be used anywhere and anytime use Kubota J-Series. With several variants of capacity and model as per your requirement. Variants of this semi-open semester generator J-Series, are as follows:

1. J106 capacity 6.0 KVA (6.0 kW) Single Phase Model

2. J108 capacity 8.8 KVA (8.8 kW) Single Phase Model

3. J112 capacity 13.2 KVA (13.2 kW) Single Phase Model

4. J116 capacity 17.6 KVA (17.6 kW) Single Phase Model

5. J310 capacity 11.0 KVA (8.8 kW) 3 - Phase Model

6. J315 capacity 16.5 KVA (13.2 kW) 3 - Phase Model

7. J320 capacity 22.0 KVA (17.6 kW) 3 - Phase Model

Kubota J-Series is designed to meet your needs.

Some features of semi-open generator Kubota J-Series, is:

- Easy to operate

- Compact Design

- High Quality output

- Large fuel tank capacity

- Treatment is very easy (Air filter with multiple elements)

- Reliable power

- Excellent level of safety

Your electric energy needs will be met with Kubota generator. Your Business Needs can be fulfilled by Garuda Diesel.

Inform your business needs to us, whatever your business needs, Garuda Diesel solution. For further information please contact Garuda Diesel at 021-3192 2919 ext 123 or call directly at HP 0813 1832 4644 with Hasim.

Garuda Diesel is ready to assist you from planning, selection of machines / gensets to suit your needs, procurement of your business needs, maintenance and procurement of parts. Consult your needs on Garuda Diesel.

Garuda Diesel Your Problem Solving.

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