Disc Clutch (Plat Kopling)

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Disc Clutch (Plat Kopling)

Clutch Plate / Clutch Disc / Plate coupling

The Coupling Machine is part of the engine compartment.

In the vehicle there is a power transfer system or power, where the system serves to move the power or forward the rotation generated by the engine to the wheels. The components of the power transfer system are transmission, coupling, drive shaft, differential and so forth.

The Engine Clutch functions as a liaison and circuit breaker from the engine to a power transfer such as a transmission or working machine. There are two types of clutch that is Multi Plat clutch or commonly called wet clutch which is usually used on automatic transmission and Single Plate coupling or often called dry coupling. One type of clutch is a single plate clutch coupling that is widely used on cars or 4-wheel tractors, especially those using manual transmission. One of the main components of the clutch unit is a clutch plate or clutch disc.

Clutch Disc Parts (Clutch Plate)

Clutch Hub serves as a docking unit clutch plate with a transmission input shaft that allows the clutch plate unit to move slightly forward and backward.

Disc Plate serves as the main frame of the clutch plate unit to withstand the workload.

Torsion Dumper serves to reduce the beat / twist when the clutch began to connect / continue the round and at the time of acceleration and deceleration. There are two kinds of torsion dumper that is torsion rubber dumper and torsion spring dumper.

Facing / clutch to function to enlarge friction, so that the efficiency of power transfer and optimum engine power.

Cushion Plate serves as a cradle of facing and it also serves to smooth the clutch work.

Rivet / Rivet serves to unite the clutch and cushion plate clutch and unite cushion plate and disc plate.

Kubota clutch / Disc Clutch Kubota clutch is one of the components used in tractor 4 wheel kubota, as one of the component / spare part of the tractor then kubota provide part replacement.

Garuda diesel as sole agent of spare part kubota in indonesia, supply and sell kupota kubota plate for need replacement of tractor clutch plate. Division of Garuda diesel sparepart provides and guarantees the availability of spare part of the city

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