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Glow Plug Kubota

Glow plug or often called spark plugs or often also called heating plugs is one of the diesel engine spare parts.

Glow plugs or spark plugs or heating plugs may be a bit foreign in ears compared to spark plugs in gasoline engines in general. Glow plug is a plug that is specifically installed on diesel engines. As the cuban diesel engine does not use spark plugs to blast the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber, the diesel engine can only blow the fuel mixture through a very high piston compression pressure. It requires an ideal temperature (high) for a diesel engine to blast its fuel mixture and become a significant difficulty to power a cold and glowplug diesel engine because the piston, cylinder wall and cylinder head are absorbing heat. So the presence of glowplug on diesel engines is needed.

Glow plug mounted inside combustion chamber. Heat energy generated by the glow plug / heating plug is obtained from the accu electrical current forwarded to the glowplug. Whether for indirect or direct injection construction, the presence of the glowplug remains. In the indirect injection section, glowplug is placed inside the pre-chamber. For direct injection, the glowplug is placed in the chamber combustion directly. Through the current given by the battery, the glowplug will generate heat inside the cylinder. Making it easier for the machine to work at its ideal working temperature.

If the glow plug is damaged then the machine will be very difficult to turn on, especially when the machine is cold, the cause of damage from the glow plug / heating plugs can be various of them when the glow position on the ignition key is too long, shor circuit and so on.

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