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Specification of AVR Genset Kubota

AVR Genset Kubota

AVR Generator Set / Genset is a compenent or circuit of electrical equipment, often called Integrated Circuit

Basically a Generator produces electricity with a large voltage voltage that is not fixed (changeable). Unstable or up and down voltage, can cause interference and damage to various electrical appliances and the generator itself. Therefore in an Electric Generator or Generator of alternating current (Genset) is equipped with a device that serves to stabilize the output voltage (Output Voltage) of a generator

A Genset is equipped with an AVR, which not only has the function to set the voltage to remain stable, but also has several other functions. Learn about AVR functions on the Alternator or 3 Phase AC power generator

As a tool to set the output voltage (Output Voltage) Alternator or electric generator.

As the stability and control of the Droop Voltage (Fall Voltage) for the Parallel Generator (Synchronous Generator)

As the Over Voltage and Overload Current on the Generator.

Aside from being the output voltage regulator of the 3 Phase AC power generator, AVR also acts as a voltage drop regulator (Droop Voltage) on Generators that are operated in parallel.

Generators that are operated in parallel must have the same magnitude of voltage between each of the paralleled Generators.

But there are times when the load received a spike, or a burden / Sudden flows suddenly, will cause the voltage from the generator will fall (Droop Voltage).

If the voltage drop (Droop Voltage) experienced by one of the Generators, will cause a difference in voltage values ​​between the two paralleled gensets, and this will cause one of the Generators to bear more power loads than the other generator.

The unbalanced load will cause the Generator which bears the higher current load will experience Over load and trip.

AVR will detect the occurrence of voltage drop (Droop Voltage) and keep the voltage condition of each Generator remain stable, despite experiencing sudden surge of current or load.

AVR Generator set (AVR Genset) Kubota one of Compenent Integrated Circuit which is a series of some electronic components that have the function as above.

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